We are an initiative that aspires to connect parents & educators with their learners using children’s literature as the medium.

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Promoting Accessible and Inclusive Learning

Chhoti Udaan aims to make learning contextual, accessible, and enjoyable for all children, regardless of their background or financial circumstances. By categorizing books based on price range and reading level, the initiative ensures that quality educational material is available to a wide audience, addressing education inequity and promoting inclusivity in education.

Empowering Educators and Caregivers

Chhoti Udaan serves as a platform to connect educators, parents, caregivers, and individuals invested in a child’s learning journey with valuable resources and ideas. By showcasing various authors and Indian publishing houses, the initiative empowers educators and caregivers to use children’s literature as a tool for meaningful engagement and growth, fostering a love for reading and learning in young minds.

Celebrating Indian Publishers and Authors

Chhoti Udaan celebrates the diverse works of Indian publishers and authors who regularly produce literature in English and vernacular languages. By highlighting thoughtfully written and beautifully illustrated books that are reasonably priced, the initiative not only promotes indigenous talent but also encourages the exploration of Indian culture and storytelling traditions through literature.

To make the child’s journey through the realms of literature even more delightful, we’ve categorized the books based on price range & reading level, ensuring there’s something for everyone. We are hopeful that classroom facilitators, parents, caregivers and any other individual invested in the learning trajectory of a child will find our initiative helpful in their journey of connecting with a child using a book.

We look forward to your visits here and are waiting with excitement for the reviews and feedback you share.